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9 tips for making college move-in day easier

Customize the list to your student to make their dorm room feel like home.
Ask your student what dorm essentials they want to add or skip.
Share the list with your student's roommate so that items can be coordinated if they want.
Shop summer holiday sales to save money.
Pack in IKEA style zipper bags for easy transportation.
Remember dorm rooms are small - less is more!
For move-in day, pack tools, zip ties, trash bags, door stopper & mattress pad in an easy to find place so you can unpack them first.
Sign up for for out-of-town students attending Clemson or Furman.
Enjoy the summer with your student and make great memories!
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Download your free College Dorm Packing List

The form has hyperlinks to some of the most popular items our college families have purchased for their dorm rooms (Amazon Affiliate links)